Lisa’s Story: Diane Lance Commercial #3

“My name is Lisa, and I am a survivor of domestic violence. Diane was the Assistant District Attorney assigned to my case.

The layers of violation, shame, and fear are impossible to describe. Diane’s representation resulted in a maximum sentence for my offender, which gave me time to put my life back together free from fear.

A few weeks back, I was driving my son to school, and I saw a ‘Diane Lance for District Attorney’ sign. I immediately contacted Diane, thanked her for giving me a voice when I needed it most, and told her I think she’d be a wonderful District Attorney.

By calling Diane, getting involved with her campaign, and introducing her to how well my life has turned out (with a wonderful husband and children), I have a feeling of peace and closure.

I’ve never met anyone like Diane Lance — a heart for victims and the intelligence and tenacity to bring offenders to justice. That’s a total package.”